Wednesday, October 16, 2019

To see the true costs of free public transit, one must also see the true costs of cars

Q: Would Calgarians sign off on a property tax increase for something like this, realistically?
A: I would like to hope that there are a number of Calgarians that care enough about the environment and enough about making this city accessible that that would be something we care about.
Anti-free-transit debate is focusing on cost. They are able to do that because the costs of the other way to travel - cars - is never accounted.

If you take into account all the costs of the auto system to your area, you will find that fare-free public transit will reduce those costs by much more than the loss in fares.

In the US, it would cost about $100 per household per year to make urban buses and trams fare-free. At the same time a family that reduces by one car can save that much every week!

To see an accounting of the direct, indirect, and hidden subsidy of the automobile system, you can find it on this blog, which is dedicated to that purpose. 

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