Friday, October 30, 2015

Capitalism response to collapse, borrow more, invest in growth and high-tech fight over crumbs.

Edmonton Journal: "There were plenty of goodies for Calgary. The government has budgeted $830 million for a new cancer treatment centre, to be built on the Foothills Hospital campus, right where Calgarians wanted it. The budget also promised what looks like the better part of $3 billion for Calgary’s Southwest Ring Road. The budget also includes $100 million in new money for Calgary and other communities along the Elbow River for flood mitigation."
More of the same in the face of collapse. Oil price too low to make profit and generate tax revenue. But when oil price was high, it was killing growth. So now capitalists fight over crumbs and degrowth not even considered. Probably more cancer will be caused in the building of a high-tech cancer center than will ever be cured by it.

Solution, make buses fare-free and stop wasting money on cars.

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