Saturday, June 23, 2012

Break our addiction to parking lots | Calgary Herald

Break our addiction to parking lots | Calgary Herald: "There are three non-residential parking stalls for every car in America.[i] This has a major impact on the health of cities, though all parking lots are not equal, of course. A few stalls tucked behind a store away from a street have little impact on the quality of the city. Large swaths of asphalt, typically associated with “big box” stores and “power centres,” have numerous detriments. Their impermeable surfaces require major infrastructure to control storm water, which has a corollary impact on watershed health. Their surface absorbs ultraviolet heat creating pockets of hot microclimates which affect human and ecological health. Through inefficient land use they discourage walking and cycling and are a component in urban sprawl. They are enabling infrastructure for a single mode of transportation, which has consequences for the overall design and operation of a city."

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